About Us

About the Regional SEND Forum

The regional SEND Forum provides the ‘go-to’ place for professionals including SENCOs who work with children and young people with SEND. Its geographical reach stretches across all the Local Authorities in the East and includes several London Boroughs which potentially opens the door to sharing knowledge and information across many hundreds of organisations and thousands of professionals.


About the Eastern Partnership UK (SEND)

For over seven years a partnership of leading SEND experts has been collaborating to offer a hugely successful range of SEND programmes and products for professionals in schools and settings across the east region and beyond. Since 2016 the partnership has been hosted by Herts for Learning giving it a secure and dynamic future whilst retaining the important principles on which the partnership was built: collaboration, professional respect for local area work and initiatives and co-operative quality assurance of all work carried out across the region.

The Regional SEND Forum has been established using these key principles and a regional working groups exists to develop and grow its profile collaboratively in response to feedback from users across the region.


Our Partners

The Eastern Partnership UK (SEND) consists of a strong and active collaboration of partners in the region and beyond as displayed below.